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So, I've been thinking about what I expect from the people in my life. Last night had a tangent in a conversation about how most of us prefer our fiction to be complex, but when it comes to our lives we want things simple, motivations easily ascribed.

And it turns out what (I think) I actually expect from people are things that get a bad wrap as being simple but are actually amazingly complex. I want them to be good and, failing that, to be honest. Really the rest is negotiable. I could natter about my definition of good, but it's early, too early for that.

# # #

I have the day off, but there's so much to be done it doesn't really feel like a day off. (For you non-daily-grinders, it's Veteran's Day.) In fact, people that know me well would probably be troubled by the fact I'm up at 7 on a day off. I admit I'm a little perplexed myself. Don't worry, I'll nap later.

Been making my way through the stories in Polyphony, and really enjoying the ones I've read so far. I really liked Leslie What's story/novel excerpt (Of course, I can't actually find my copy of Polyphony right now, so I'm not going to try and get titles or name-spellings right); but I have to say it reminded me both of Stacey Richter's wonderful story "My Date With Satan" and a recent story in Rosebud about going on a date with the Creature from the Black Lagoon. And Christopher remembered another story like this. I wasn't aware it was a burgeoning little subgenre, but there it is. Really enjoyed Carol Emshwiller and Andy Duncan's contributions, of course, but also liked the two "first publishes" stories. Well done antho.

Of course, Karen Joy Fowler's story in Conjunctions is freaking brilliant. Although I was a bit sad to find out there is an actual Adventures of Link videogame. I was so hoping there was an alternate universe out there where Kelly Link and her station wagon battle the Forces of Doom by criss-crossing the interstates of the continental U.S. For special episodes, there could be trips to other countries that involved driving on the other side of the road. I bet the A-Team would license it's theme music. Yay! (This is why I don't get up early on holidays.)

I think that's all for now. Go read Kristin's blog. It'll make you feel better about things, I promise. (Kristin: You know this means you have to update, right?) I am off to bathe, finish that goddamn fairy story once and for all, maybe start a polish of the time story, clean the house, pay the electric bill and maybe, just maybe go see a movie.


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