shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


The fantabulous Barb reports that she's seen shaken and stirred on the web. Fancy that. I do not understand this blogger world. It is a world of insanity, mayhem and injustice. Where posts are lost, ftp paths are meaningless and brave citizens crumble beneath the wait of the soul-crushing mechanics of the support system. I probably shouldn't say things like this in case they actually check out my complains, but hell, who are we kidding? It's like flapping your wings into the void.

Oh yes, it's that kind of day. I'm contemplating leaving work right now, before the Sudafed kicks in. Got Say... to printer at 3 a.m. Very tired now. In a fog. Surreal foghead girl does not do well on little sleep. Not well at all. Menthol smell cough drops keeping surreal foghead girl upright. But cough drops almost gone and girl not even coughing. It's like a soap opera in my mind.

Lots of diversion today. Damn fairy story still not done and not likely to get worked on la day. Weird damn time travel story edited and sent to Christopher for him to read. I suspect it will be just inside my ability to go get my hair cut this afternoon and then pack. Ah, packing, yes, it must be done, it must be so... And there's an all new slaying girl show coming on tonight.

Slayer. Good. Grunt. Snort. Voidless diatribes.

With my luck, this nonsense will probably post. (Better than nunsense; why, lord, why?)

Christopher reads at 3:30 p.m. Thursday at World Fantasy. If you're there, I expect to see you at the reading.

Grunt. Snort. Goodbye, sweets.


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