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(This post is actually from Sunday, but I saved it from the um, suddenly mysteriously working now that I deleted it Why Do I Bother? and am putting it up here. So don't be all confused by the fact that I'm talking about seeing MJ after the post about actually seeing it.)

Yesterday was spent doing errandy-type things. It always feels weird being away from home all day during the weekend; we usually can't because we don't like to leave George for more than five hours at a time when we have a choice. But George is being baby-sat, while we go to Minneapolis, so freedom reigned. Or at least the kind of freedom that has you bouncing along from salon to shop to shop to lunch to shop did.

Very tiring, all that, erranding. So, we went to see The Ring. Despite the fact that someone who isn't me but shall remain nameless (um, because you'll be able to figure out who it is) was immediately seized with fear that we'd made a direly wrong decision as soon as we got in the theater. "It's so dark and gray and gloomy outside. We shouldn't be seeing a movie like this," was that person's sentiment. Neverless, we pulled my jacket up to our chins (cause you can cover your eyes if you need to) and watched it. Quite good; I recommend it. Far beyond the larger ilk of American scary movies (or scary movies anywhere, for that matter). Naomi Watts is very good. I couldn't help but be a bit annoyed by the now-cliche "Sixth Sense" big saucery-eyed "I see dead people" and do weird art that scares adults kid, but his time on screen was mercifully low. The scary imagery doesn't quite match up to the original in its creepiness (but it is creepy, and there's one sequence near the end of the second act that's inspired visually, that's totally new). However, the story does make more sense. The whole section I could have done without where there's a lot of strolling along the beach and exposition is replaced, and rightly so, in my opinion. Now, I will go prepare to be stoned.

Anyway. Today is Michael Jackson "Thriller" Day. At 7 p.m. the streets of Lexington will be '80s-fied. Till then, we'll write and edit and try and get Say... done.

And be so, so, so happy that soon we get to see a large gaggle of our friends. No links today, because I keep getting kicked offline. Go play outside.


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