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So, now I hear that later posts were showing up. Just not to me. I really can't figure this one out, so I'll just keep my ear to the motherboard and hope this one works.

We're still trying to finish up Say... for World Fantasy, and have yet to start packing, etcetera, et al, et tu, brute?

The Thriller recreation was absolutely phenomenal. The streets were packed. The seventeen-year-old Michael Jackson impersonator was spot-on, to an alarming degree. I didn't get to take a camera, because we were late (and I probably would have just got pics of the massive crowd anyway), but I did tape the news and I'll bring the tape to World Fantasy. No pics in the newspaper either, but a little story here.

The recreation started at the old restored Kentucky Theatre downtown. They had a truck with a massive soundsystem driving just in front so the music was constant. A faux grave yard was set up in front of the new courthouse building downtown and the zombies literally rose from their graves. One little girl zombie rose a bit too early and a dog ran up to her from the crowd. The zombies, and Michael, nailed their dance numbers, and the costumes were scary and fabu. This was the coolest thing I've seen in a long time and I wish every one reading this could have seen it. As pics get posted online, I'll link to them from here. Next year, I will be a dancing zombie. Oh yes, I will.

Because, you see, I have experience. In fourth grade, when MJ was the hottest thing going (I had a red zipper jacket, a birthday pressie from my cousin Nanci), there was this kid named Joey Harrison who was obsessed with MJ and Thriller. He wore MJ outfits, gloves, sparkle socks, the infamous red and black jacket, every day. And he had a boombox on which he would play Thriller during recess and dance, dance, dance. All the girls loved him. When he decided to do the Thriller video for the 4-H talent show, it was tooth and nail to get a part as a dancing zombie. Joey wanted me to be the dame, but I said no, and was a zombie girl. Of course, we won the competition. And yes, there's probably a videotape of this out there somewhere. What I remember most clearly is the practice where we tried using a smoke bomb for effect. I think I'm still coughing.

After, we went to a horrid hotel bar called The Big Blue Martini, where the people were all depressingly entrenched types. Then we found a nice bar with a good band and had the best grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches ever. Home for more depressingly slow work on Say...


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