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I've purposely kept quiet, mostly for my own personal reasons, on the story that's been floating around about the arrest of an 18-year-old high school student in Kentucky on terroristic threatening charges. Most of the commentary I've seen is based on the WLEX-18 story, but I wanted to wait for more information because other local accounts seemed more troubling.

I don't have time to think or say anything substantial about this at the moment, but I would like to point interested parties toward today's Herald-Leader story about the evidence presented in court yesterday.

A snippet:

And, as it turns out, Poole's writings include no brain-eating dead folks.

What they do contain, Winchester police Detective Steven Caudill testified yesterday, is evidence that he had tried to solicit seven fellow students to join him in a military organization called No Limited Soldiers.

The writings describe a bloody shootout in "Zone 2," the designation given to Clark County.

"All the soldiers of Zone 2 started shooting," Caudill read on the witness stand. "They're dropping every one of them. After five minutes, all the people are lying on the ground dead."

The papers contain two different dates of Poole's death.

Poole has corresponded with someone in Barbourville who claimed to have acquired cash and guns in break-ins, Caudill testified.

No other arrests are pending, he said, but authorities are looking for other potential suspects listed in Poole's papers who are identified only by pseudonyms.


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