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welcome to my martini glass


pssst! follow me...

Blogger's been working my last nerve for the last bit, so I'm working on a move over to Typepad. It may happen very quickly, and I may completely botch the importing of posts and comments from here in such a way that this site disappears. If so, check in at:

Or hell, check in over there anyway. It's purty.

p.s. All right, let's just bite the bullet and do it. Maybe some kind soul will help with importing the old files (should they still exist). See you over there. Change your blogrolls!

p.p.s. Gilmore Girls Gossip Circle convenes there this week.

p.p.p.s. Seriously, I'm not moving for a looooong time -- because this costs money and stuff. Plus, it's so nice. Drop in and say hi.


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