shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


You just know it's one of those days when you go to open blogger and your brain sings "to blog is to fly" to the tune of Townes Van Zandt. Oh my, indeed.

Left the new place at 2 a.m. last night. Lack only painting the walls in the kitchen (oh, and the ceiling) and all the trim work, which is a lot. The good news is the snow cancelled the obligation I had tomorrow which involved driving and talking to way too many people (almost 200) with very very little preparation.

My salary and job title ran in long list of others under the same general classification in a big state newspaper last weekend and, let me tell you, if you think people don't read the newspaper you're wrong. They do. And they will ask you about it. Everyone you talk to. All week long. And you will make a joke about being one of the lowest paid political appointees, and know you didn't get your job for any other reason than that you knew how to do it well. See, I'm boring even myself.

Bleh. Sleep for me. Sleep so I can absorb your sleep vibes. Sleep so I can suck out your dreams. Okay, that was a little disgusting and scary. Just sleep well, so I know people still can and do. Boxes, paintbrushes. I kill spiders with my Paintbrush of Death!


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