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always a race to the finish

Publishing the zine is, that is. Though hopefully a bit less so this time, if all goes well at the printer's.

Christopher has posted a brief account of the techie-herculean effort involved in actually getting the issue to press. He's also posted the lovely front cover (the back's very lovely too, with a brand new Fortress of Words logo and everything), which I can't resist putting up here as well.

You know how to subscribe, right? Just scroll down the righthand sidebar over there until you hit the paypal buttons. So much beauty for so little dinero.

We just made a short trip to B&N to pick up a birthday pressie for a party tonight. And now I've got a few moments to page through the Oxford American food issue, which looks frabjous. We also picked up Asimov's, which is having a run of truly beyootiful covers. And The Believer came in the mail, with lots and lots of fun things in it this month (attention J & S: including an excellent essay about the WNBA and how its fans are different--which made me wish extrahard we lived in a town with a team).

Lest you doubt my ability to stay on task, I finished my Aunt G column this morning for LCRW and tapped out some words on the new book. So it goes.

Keep an eye on the LBC site -- the big announcement should happen tomorrow, as the calendar says it'll be May 15 at midnight.


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