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waves, takes day off

I'm taking the day off. I'll probably have a couple more writing posts over the weekend, but I'm making no promises.

We took George to the vet yesterday afternoon. His problems getting around are likely due to either nerve damage or arthritis/inflammation. His reactions to a couple of simple reflex tests point toward the nerve side of things, which means his brain isn't feeling his back legs as it should. On one side, this is less pronounced. On the other leg, he's probably not feeling much at all. The vet started him on an aggressive course of steroids. Just like on House, she wants to see if she can make a big improvement with three days of prednisone. If it does help, then we can look at other treatment options. If it doesn't, then there will be x-rays to see if there's some disc pressure causing the problem. I'm not going beyond that at the moment. We will spend the next three days holding our breath, waiting for improvement.

George the Dog is in good spirits though, and eating and drinking and being merry. Thanks to those of you who sent nice notes yesterday inquiring about him. George likes to be fussed over. He also likes cookies.

I'm thinking he's about to get lots of both.

Unrelatedly, I didn't want to wait to hangover-time to point out that Minneapolis ne'er-do-well Adam Stemple has started a writing blog. (Via Mr. McLaren, to whom I raise a glass of Laphroaig.) You should, of course, be reading them both, and all the other fine souls to the right.

I should also note that blogger is acting very strangely lately, so if you see a post appear two or three times, I'll fix that as soon as the damn thing starts behaving again.

Good weekend to you.


  • At 10:46 AM , Anonymous Jeff said...

    Blogger also doesn't want to let us leave comments.

    So George will be juiced? Look at it this way, if 'roids can help that moron Jose Canseco stand on two feet, it should do wonders for a super canine like George. He'll probably start helping you with book edits by early April.


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